If you’re not billing through the maximum allowable amount of your property’s water bill to your tenants than you’re missing out on serious water utility recovery. 


Here are 3 things you can do right now to bridge the gap and begin to recover more of your property’s water bill:

1. Water conservation isn’t hard anymore.  The easiest way to begin to bill through more of your water bill (if you weren’t already doing so because of really high consumption) is to do something about reducing usage! Have a water conservation savings analysis put together for you. We conduct these kinds of reports for communities considering water conservation! They tell you what your savings expectations should be post installation and with continued maintenance (as part of our full program) on your community. Want one? Cool. Email us at sus@swutilitysolutions.com

2. Figure out why you’re only billing through 75% (or whatever the percentage is) of your water bill. Nine times out of ten you’ve made strides to reduce consumption on property but you’re still only billing through 75% of your water bill.  That can and SHOULD be a moving target for your community.  Pass through percentages are NOT one and done! Having a robust utility billing partner like Southwest Utility Solutions means that your pass through percentages are monitored monthly.  Got a low water bill this month? Great! We’re pushing through MORE of it to your tenants! A little high this month? We’ll back if off to make sure that your tenant’s are receiving consistent water bills monthly.

3. Submeter your irrigation system (which we will do for you).  If you’ve got an irrigation system connected to your main meter that services your buildings technically you can only bill through 75% of the water bill IF you can’t mathematically back out the usage.  If you can justify its’ consumption then you can deduct it from the main consumption and begin to bill through the newly adjusted “max” to your tenants.


Want more ways to decrease your common area deduction on your multifamily community? We’d love to help. Shoot us an email at sus@swutilitysolutions.com and we’ll map out a plan for your property to begin to recover more of your water bill on property!


sus@swutilitysolutions.com   |  (281) 580 - 3444


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