1. Recovery recovery recovery.  A robust utility billing program tracks consumption, cost and exposure data monthly. Making sure that you are doing all that you can to recover the maximum amount of your utility expense is key to maximizing your investor’s return.

2. Public Utility Commission complaints are 9 times out of 10 completely ridiculous and consume a lot of your team’s time.  Making sure that you are billing through scrubbed data that is accurate and correct is one of the main ways to avoid those irritating PUC complaints.  A robust utility billing program like the one Southwest Utility Solutions provides includes monthly auditing of all of the resident data in your property management software, the data that is coming through on the bills directly from the utility company as well as the allocated billing data that is being originated from Southwest Utility Solutions. Everyone appreciates correct data- investors, tenants, and your team.

3. You can begin to collect revenue from your new move ins 30 days sooner. This can be done in a couple of different ways if you’ve got a robust utility billing program implemented at your community. If you’d like to breakdown what this looks like specifically for your community shoot us an email at sus@swutilitysolutions.com .  Basically though you can begin to recover revenue sooner from your new move ins by doing two things: 1.  Create forward looking recurring charges and 2. Bill the MOST current utility bill possible.

4. Rate structures from the utility company/city directly affect your investor’s pockets.  Keeping track of these structure shifts and getting in front of the downstream affects they will have on recovery is something that can be done when you have a robust utility billing program implemented on property- much like the one provided by Southwest Utility Solutions.

5. A robust utility billing partner should know how to make the cost of its’ services no net to the property/management team.  They also should know the rules and regulations behind how each line item can and should be billed back to the tenant. Making sure your utility billing partner 1. Knows this information but is also 2. Staying up to date with how rules change is crucial to making sure your staying in compliance with your utility billing strategy but also so that you’re not missing out on recovery because of using antiquated billing methods.


Need a plan to help your investors recoup more of their investment? We can help improve your utility billing efficiency on site! Send us an email at sus@swutilitysolutions.com   or fill out the form below to get started.

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