10 Ways to Save Water

It’s hot- boy do we know.  We’re in Texas so it’s really hot. The easiest way for us to know that we’ve hit summer is when we walk outside and get that instant-sweat.  You know the kind?  It just slaps you in the face out of nowhere.  Yep, that’s summer in Texas. 

Because of the heat it’s easy to over do our usage of water around the house and in the yard.  Talk a look at our easy list of ways to lessen your usage of water this summer and work with us to conserve our resources!

  1. If you have a lawn then be aware of when you water it!  Try watering during the morning or the early evening.  The hot sun during the day causes water to evaporate which means you’re going to have to water even more!  By watering during the cooler hours means the water you put on your plants has more of a chance to actually stay on your plants

  2. Make sure you check and see if your lawn actually needs to be watered! Step on it!  Walk outside before you turn the sprinkler on and take a few steps on the lawn and see how wet it actually is! 

  3. Set a timer before you get in the shower to make sure you’re in and out quicker!  Shortening your shower time will save you a ton of water and time! 

  4. Turn the faucet off when you’re brushing your teeth.  There’s no need for the water to run constantly when you’re not using it!  Turn it on to get your toothbrush wet and then off while your brushing! One more time to rinse it off and then you’re all done! 

  5. Like to cook at home?  We do too!  When you’re washing your veggies inside- don’t let the faucet run!  Get your veggies wet then scrub scrub scrub!  Just like brushing your teeth, there’s no reason to keep the water running if you’re not using it! 

  6. Have you ever thought about reusing rain water??  Try collecting rain water in buckets and then use that water to water your plants and garden!  This is a great way to reuse and save water! 

  7. Fix leaks and drips immediately and be aware of where they might be hiding!  Leaks and drips can cost you a ton of money every year so it is important to be sure that you are constantly fixing them!  One of the services Southwest Utility Billing provides is the repair work associated with fixing all leaks and drips for our properties! 

  8. Have you considered a Water Conservation project on your property? Paired with our RUBS Utility Billing Program, we offer a Forever Water Conservation Program to our properties! By installing conservation-grade equipment to each unit, not only is money being saved for the property but a huge amount of water is also being conserved! 

  9. Do you have pool onsite? Try covering your pool when not in use to prevent the evaporation of your water! That way you don’t have to worry about refilling as frequently! 

  10. If your dishwasher and washing machine have Eco Friendly/ Eco Saver modes- try them out! Not only will your dishes and clothes still turn out sparkly clean, but you can feel better about using less water to get the same job done! 

At Southwest Utility Solutions, we believe that Water Conservation shouldn’t end with us! There are steps that you can take as a resident, manager, or maintenance crew member to ensure that your property is conserving as much water and money as possible!  If your property would benefit from a no net cost water conservation program then reach out to Southwest Utility Solutions today.  We’d love to help you get on track! 

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