Don't Stop Pursuing Your Clients

At Southwest Utility Solutions, we strongly believe in quality relationships with our clients. 

It’s not uncommon for one of our Solutions Specialists to randomly mail a handwritten Thank You card to a client for their excellent business or to stop by one of our properties with Starbucks drinks on the house.  We believe in treating our clients the same as we did when we first gained their business. 

There’s good reason for this too. 

In order to maintain integrity and loyalty with your brand, you have to be sure that the same person who sold the product or service to begin with has the same attitude and disposition consistently after they win the business. 

One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is forgetting to pursue their client.  Just like in a marriage- dating your spouse should never stop.  Your customer should never have the opportunity to forget why they signed up with you to begin with or who you even are!  Making the effort to follow up, check in, and stop by are huge when creating loyalty amongst your audience to your brand. 

Here are some sure ways you can cultivate lasting connections within your client base. 

  1. Stop By 

This one is huge! If you are a local business that provides services for customers who are within the area- stop by and say hello!  I will never forget working a job during my first year of high school and the delivery company we signed up with visiting us every once and a while to check in and see how we were! And guess what, when they did stop by it wasn’t always to sell us the latest product! They genuinely were interested in how we were, how they were helping us do business better- and you know free coffee every once and a while was never an awful surprise ever. 

  1. Pick Up the Phone 

If you are a business that services clients all over the country then this tip might be better suited for you.  Checking in with your customers consistently is a sure way to stay updated with how they feel about your product.  Sometimes the best way to figure out if your product or service is worthwhile is to do the easiest thing- ask! Call up your clients and ask how they really feel.  “Is Product A helpful for you? “ “I know you mentioned that Issue A was really challenging a couple of months ago.  Since purchasing Product A- are you seeing some results?”  Customers want their issues solved and by checking in and following up, businesses can learn firsthand not only where their relationship stands, but also where their product stands! 

  1. Send a Card 

When was the last time that you received a handwritten card from someone?  The art of writing and mailing cards becomes more antiquated every day!  People have forgotten the sentimental and personal touch a handwritten note provides.  Try writing your customers a Thank You card and remind them that you value their business! Turn the tables- they bought your product but instead tell them thank you!  When people know that they are appreciated they are more likely to do more business with you in the future.  Loyalty increases when you acknowledge people’s worth. 

At Southwest Utility Billing, we believe that our clients should be treated the same way they were when we first signed them on to our program. Creating lasting connections with our clients and ensuring their happiness with our services is our #1 priority! After all- we are in the business of providing solutions! 

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