Renter's Move In Checklist

Millions of people rent apartment homes every year!   

Here’s a quick list of things you should make sure that you check for before committing to making a rental your home! 

  1. Make sure that your water checks out!  Turn on the faucets in the bathroom and kitchen to see that your water is clear and that you have good pressure. 

  2. While you’re walking through the unit, check the floors, walls, and the ceiling as well for any signs of cracking, mold, water damage, or mildew.  You definitely want to make sure that these issues are resolved as quickly as possible. 

  3. Check to make sure that your windows open and reseal shut.  Typically properties paint directly around windows which can cause them to seal closed! 

  4. While you’re checking the windows, also check to make sure that the windows have screens- especially if you have pets.

  5. Check for small critters in closets, doors and cabinets! 

  6. Make sure that all of your outlets are working.  A quick and easy way to do this is to plug in your phone charger and see if you’re able to charge your phone! 

  7. Look over the appliances in your kitchen.  Check to see that they all work correctly and are up to your standards! 

  8. While you’re walking around, note the noise level above and below you. 

  9. Don’t forget to check the locks on the front door and balcony/back yard to make sure that they are in food working order. 

  10. Check to see if there are any sealing issues with the front door as well! 

  11. Good lighting in hallways, on the property, and in parking areas are crucial to a safe rental! Make sure that your property has all of these things! 

  12. Visit the property in the evening again and check the parking lot.  See how crowded it gets and what parking challenges you could potentially be facing. 

  13. Check with the leasing office to see if the security gates are in working order and how frequently they need maintenance. 

  14. Always make sure that the laundry facilities are conveniently and safely located near your unit! 

Even if the price is right for your new rental- you need to make sure that everything else is right as well!  If you notice something that needs to be fixed prior to moving in, let someone know!  Don’t wait until you’ve moved in to get everything fixed! 

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