Renters Love Properties that Conserve

Why do residents care about living on a property that conserves water? 

Well actually there are multiple reasons! Properties that conserve offer a ridiculous amount of benefits and advantages to their residents!  

The first benefit that residents enjoy is the fact that their utility bills are going to definitely be lower than what they would have been without conservation.  Projects including Water Conservation, which Southwest Utility Solutions provides at no net cost to properties, not only will lower the water bill but consequently- other utilities are positively affected as well! Lower bills=happier residents all the time! 

Conservation on properties also means updated equipment in units!  Updated equipment within your resident’s unit’s means that the chances of things breaking or malfunctioning are lessened tenfold!  Your residents will know that now they won’t have to worry about frustrating maintenance orders as frequently!  Did you know that Southwest Utility Solutions provides updated conservation grade equipment in every single unit on our properties?  Did we mention that the property doesn’t have to pay for any of it? 

Apartments that conserve- care!  And residents know this! By initiating conservation on your property, your residents will acknowledge that you care about their home.  Renters are more likely to choose to live in one of your units knowing that you make the initiative to keep their experience on your property as affordable and comfortable as possible. 

As great as conservation projects are for apartment communities- unfortunately, after the first 8-10 months, the benefits of these projects slowly decline.  Water conservation equipment has to be maintained and replaced, otherwise your property’s bills are going to creep back up!  Companies providing conservation as a one time service will not be a forever benefit to your property.  Instead, you will spend 5-10 years stuck in a shared savings contract when in reality you are not even experiencing the savings after year 1!  So what’s the solution?  Making water conservation an annual project.  Guess what. 

We do that.   

Southwest Utility Solutions recognizes the need for a forever water conservation program that includes the installation, maintenance, inspection, and replacement of all conservation equipment annually for each unit on your property.  Combine this with a custom RUBS Billing program, we’ve built a service that is at absolutely no net cost to your property. None.  And we are proud to say that we are the only company to combine the two.  Trust us when we say, making a one time investment for water conservation doesn’t cut it- we’ve been doing this for a long time. 

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