Saving on High Utilities

We’re in the business of saving our customers money! Naturally we thought- hmmm, how can we help our readers save money too?? 

So here it is!  A list of ways you can save money on your utilities at home this month! Regardless of whether or not you live in a home or an apartment- these tips can be used to save you money! 

The first big thing is to consider how you do your laundry.  Did you know that warm-hot water is more expensive than cold water?  See if switching your loads to the cold-water setting is doable! Also, using your dryer costs a lot of money!  If you have the space, consider hanging up a clothesline.  You can hang these up outside or inside!  By hanging your clothes up to dry instead of putting them in the dryer over and over, you end up saving quite a bit of money!  If a clothesline is not possible for you- then try ways to shorten the time your clothes spend in the dryer.  Did you know that throwing a dry hand towel in with your wet clothes actually speeds up the drying process?  Every little thing counts- it all adds up!  The last thing to consider about laundry is to make sure that when you are washing clothes that you are washing a full load!  Save money by doing 3 full loads instead of 5-6 small loads. 

You can also monitor what lights you keep on in your house! When you leave a room, make sure that you turn the light off.  Go natural when you can! During the summer- pull back the curtains and open up your blinds! Let that natural light come inside!  During the winter- keep them closed and save heat inside! That will also help you save money on your electricity bill during the cooler months! 

Instead of opting for yard lights powered by electricity, try solar paneled yard lights!  You can pick these up by the bundle at places like Lowes or Home Depot and they are fantastic! Place them where you want the light in your yard, let them soak up all the sunlight during the day and shine bright at night! 

Instead of running unnecessary water to water your plants/garden- place a rain barrel in your yard to collect water when it’s stormy!  Now when you’re ready to water your plants you can reuse the collected rainwater instead of spending more money on clean water! 

If you’re not using your appliances- unplug them!  Your toaster and coffee pot don’t need to stay plugged in all day! Even though your appliances are turned off, if they are still plugged into an outlet, they are still using electricity!  

If you are in the multifamily community industry- reach out to Southwest Utility Solutions today.  We’d love to talk about more ways that you can save on high utility bills at your property! 

FEBRUARY 26, 2018

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