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Our Class B Property solutions in action for our property partners.

Southwest Utility Solutions aims to be your one stop shop for data analysis, problem solving, and proactive solution creation.
Data Auditing

Our program is constantly monitoring your property's utility data and securing the lowest and most recent water bill for your residents.  By tracking the utility company's data, your property data and your resident data, we are able to ensure accuracy and proficiency  in making sure your property is being billed exactly what you're owed and proactively creating solutions when bad data makes an appearance.

Smart Utility Billing 

We're actively tracking all property utility data, monitoring for outliers in reported data and comparing all of this against appropriate historical data in order to keep your property's data and billing process on track. We make it our priority to make sure your residents are paying all that you're owed each lease with our custom solution to capturing vacancy costs and recovering lost utility costs. 

Water Conservation

Based on property need, we install and annually maintain an overhaul total property water conservation program.  This program includes the installation of new aerators, shower heads, tub diverters, and the rebuild of the internal components of toilets on property.  Guaranteed to save you between 30%-50% of your total property water expense, the overhaul water conservation program is priced at no cost to management, but instead funded entirely by residents on site. 

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