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What is Fractional Water Conservation?

Do you manage a community that desperately needs water conservation but cannot afford the full project day 1?

Tell us your budget and have toilets installed monthly.
Monthly Toilet Installation.png

How does monthly toilet installation work?

Southwest Utility Solutions will tailor a monthly toilet installation program that is unique to your property's budget and handle the purchasing and installation of toilets every month at your community. Communities that need water conservation but are not able to make the upfront investment benefit from this type of program.



I have a limited budget, how many toilets can you install?

Our team can install up to 15 toilets per day. Depending on your budget, our team will decide how many toilets per month can be installed.


How do I pay for the labor for the toilet installation?

The cost for our team to install toilets monthly is paid for in whatever way makes sense. We can finance our labor in order to meet your community's monthly water conservation budget.

How do I get a customized plan for my community?

Enter your details below and we will send you your customized monthly toilet installation plan.


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