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Got questions? We can help.

We're so grateful for the opportunity to partner with your community. Here's a snapshot of some helpful tips and links that will make your utility billing experience as efficient as possible.

What's the timeline for utility billing monthly?

Your team will receive a series of communication from our reporting team each month. Here's the order of communication:

1. Prebill - This report will need your reviewal and approval.

2. Month End Reports - These reports will have copies of each resident bill created, recovery reports for your ownership team, allocation calculation and/or consumption details used to create your residential billing and a breakdown of each charge our team created for your community.

3. PMS Import - At the end of the month, our charges are received by your property management software and then are made available digitally to your tenants.



I need to get added to correspondence for my community! 

You can add as many team members as you'd like to all report correspondence! To make any sort of changes to email correspondence at your property you can call us at 281-580-3444 or email our team directly at


How do I get Final Bills?

To request Final Bills, please email our team the unit # and the move out date needed. We will send you the pro-rated final invoice directly. Please email your request to


I have a question about my monthly invoice!

For all invoicing questions, please contact our Accounts Receivables team at


We need to update our billing with some changes, how do we do that?

We are your partner as you improve your utility recovery and revenue on site. To make billing changes, you can call us with updates at 281-580-3444 or contact us directly at or



I want to email statements to my residents instead of mailing them, how do I make that change?

We are so excited you want to update your delivery settings to paperless! To make that change, email Caroline at


My utility account information has changed and I need to update your team, how do I do that?

All utility account information has to stay up to date with our team! If an account number changes or online account access is updated, please email us as soon as possible with this update. Please send all utility bill updates to


I'm dealing with a PUC complaint and need help!

We can help you gather all of the information you need to navigate PUC issues. Please reach out to us directly to start this process. Please contact Caroline at (832) 260-5181 or email her at

We're growing and we need to add more properties to our utility billing program.

To add more properties to your account, please contact Caroline directly at (832) 260-5181 or email her at

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