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10 Ways to Stay Engaged with Residents During Covid-19

Own or manage an apartment community that is serving its’ residents remotely during this time? Staying engaged with your community is so important! Here are 10 ways to maintain communication and engagement with your community while serving them virtually.

1. Giveaways on Social Media

This is a trend we’re seeing quite a bit of! A great way to get your residents involved with your social media channels is to create a couple opportunities for them to win free stuff. Try creating a contest that involves giving away something your residents can look forward to enjoying after the stay-at-home requirements are lifted! This is a great way to keep morale high and spirits lifted.

2. Weekly Check-Ins

Sometimes just checking in with your residents goes SO far. Weekly check ins to see how everyone is doing, if they need anything and how their doing on supplies provides you with insight and communicates to your tenants that you genuinely care.

3. Host an online Fitness Class

Chances are that your gym is probably closed along with your leasing office. Consider hosting an online fitness class! Do you have a superstar tenant who already goes above and beyond to host weekly sessions at the gym? Reach out and extend an opportunity for them to lead an online fitness class that your residents can attend virtually and from the comfort of their living room.

4. Trivia Night-Online Edition!

Another great way to promote engagement with your social media is to post Trivia Questions throughout the week. Keep track of the residents who answer correctly and reward them at the end of the week with some sort of prize! Maybe a digital Amazon gift card or a movie night with popcorn, candy, and soda for their family to enjoy at your community’s theater room once you’re able to connect in person again!

5. Virtual Tours

This isn’t necessarily a new way to engage with residents digitally, nor is it unique to the current season of life we’re all living in. Nonetheless, if you haven’t ramped up virtual tours, then now is the time to! Take your prospective residents on a tour of your model unit and the amenities at your community and then share to your social media channels!

6. Virtual Happy Hour

Wine-o nights in the Leasing Office may not physically be possible right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t host a virtual Wine-o night! Reach out to your residents and see if anyone would be interested in a virtual Happy Hour! Consider some sort of game that residents can participate in during the Happy Hour-with a prize at the end of course! Maybe another bottle of wine?

7. Kids Call!

We can’t forget about the kids! They’ve gone from seeing their friends everyday to now seeing anyone for weeks. We’ve noticed more and more communities and organizations hosting Kid Zoom Calls, with parent supervision of course! If you’ve got an onsite Daycare or Mom’s Day Out program this may be a great way to check in with the kiddos and let them see their friends- even if only virtually.

8. Go Live for Any Property Updates

By going Live on Instagram and Facebook, not only are you promoting engagement with your community’s social media channels, but you’re also able to be a human being with your residents! No fluff, fancy editing, or template pictures- just you chatting with your tenants the way their most used to and comfortable with. Sharing community updates and county specific updates by going live on social media is a great way to stay engaged with your tenants.

9. Virtual Office Hours

Having a hard time communicating to your residents that your office is in fact physically closed? Why not promote across your community virtual-office-hours. Consider setting aside a few key hours a day to encourage your residents to reach out if they need anything or have any questions. This may also be a good time to check in with your residents to see how they’re doing.

10. Custom Workouts

This idea is from an awesome blog post shared by Encourage your residents to share what workout equipment they have access to inside of their units and help them put together a custom workout plan based on the resources they have on hand! Maybe a resident has jugs of water in their unit- great! Looks like weight lifting is going to be on your custom workout plan.

The main goal here is to maintain your engagement with your community. Working from home and serving virtually doesn’t mean our relationships should crumble!

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