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5 Ways Residents Can Save on their Utilities

During this time, so many of your residents are probably working from home! Not only that but kids are home from school until the fall semester begins. More people in their units means more utility consumption! Here is a quick list of ways that residents can help reduce their utility usage while their families are spending more time at home. Here are 5 quick tips.

1. Unplug Electronics When Not in Use!

Electronics still use energy even when turned off but still plugged in. Unplug your electronics when you’re not utilizing them to help save on your power bill! For reference, think hair dryers, fans, or lamps!

2. Turn off Lights!

This seems intuitive but it is so easy to forget and overlook! If you’re not in the room- turn those lights off!

3. Low Flow Showerheads

Want to reduce your water usage? A quick way to make a dent in water usage is to install low flow shower heads. You can order a low flow showerhead painlessly from Amazon- and if your community is interested in property wide water conservation, Southwest Utility Solutions can get them installed for you at no net cost.

4. Get leaks fixed

If you notice a leaky faucet in the kitchen or bathroom- do not let this go unnoticed. Leaks inside the unit account for 13% of home water usage! If leaks and drips are a problem across your whole community, Southwest Utility Solutions can help.

5. Need a new Air Filter?

Check and see if it’s time to change out your air filter! Chances are if it hasn’t been changed since you moved in, your AC system may be working over time. Most of the time your property management team handles filter replacements, so always reach out to them first!

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